No One Will Remember, Everyone Will Remember

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Hey Full Potential Zoners!

Ever wonder what legacy you are leaving behind?

We're often told that success is:

➟ An expensive car

➟ How many hours we work

➟ How much money we make

➟ Collection of the right clothes

But pause for a moment.

What will endure in the minds of others?

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What will you accomplish with the power of AI?

Will they remember your money?

The late nights at the office?

The hours and hours per day on your phone?

Surprisingly, a study reveals that 90% of us

believe we focus too much on material wealth.

Instead of what truly matters. (Pew Research Center)

Today we are going to deep dive into what truly matters by reviewing the:

Everyone Will Remember' guide. 

Let’s dive in!

  1. The Kindness You Showed

    • Actively listen and respond with compassion in every interaction.

    • Offer help without expecting anything in return.

  2. Your Humility and Gratitude

    • Acknowledge others' contributions and celebrate their successes as much as your own.

    • Regularly express thanks, even for the small things, and admit when you're wrong.

  3. How You Listened to Them

    • Give your full attention during conversations, avoiding distractions.

    • Ask open-ended questions to encourage deeper dialogue.

  4. If You Kept Your Promises

    • Make commitments carefully and follow through consistently.

    • Communicate openly if circumstances change, impacting your promises.

  5. How You Made Them Feel

    • Be aware of your words and actions, aiming to uplift rather than criticize.

    • Empathize with others' feelings and provide support during tough times.

  6. The Stories You Told

    • Share experiences that have a moral, are relatable, and inspire growth.

    • Be genuine and vulnerable when telling your stories to create authentic connections.

  7. The Moments You Shared

    • Be present in the moments you spend with others, creating memories - put your phone away!

    • Celebrate both the big and small milestones with the people around you.

  8. How You Loved Them No Matter What

    • Show unconditional support and acceptance, especially during failures or mistakes.

    • Prioritize relationships over being right in disagreements.

  9. When You Were There For Them

    • Be reliable in your availability during someone's time of need.

    • Offer your presence, not just your words, as a source of comfort.

How You Made Them Feel

In my team, there was a notable drop in morale following a string of long and challenging projects.

The team felt undervalued and burnt out, and this was starting to affect productivity.

Further, team members were showing signs of frustration, there was less collaboration, and the usual energy was missing.

I decided to address this by focusing on how the team felt.

I organized an informal team gathering to use “How You Made Them Feel”.

Here are the steps I followed:

  • Opened the floor for the team to voice concerns, ensuring I listened fully to foster a sense of being heard.

  • Showed true concern for the team's welfare beyond work deliverables, sharing my own experiences to build a culture of support.

  • Recognized each member's efforts, pinpointing specific instances where their individual contributions shone.

  • Began acknowledging all achievements, big or small, to boost morale and the sense of accomplishment.

  • Created casual, agenda-free breaks for genuine connection, offering a much-needed reprieve from the work grind.

  • Acted on the team's input, demonstrating that their feedback was valuable and effecting change.

  • Ensured our discussion was not a singular event but the start of ongoing, supportive interactions.

The result was a rejuvenated team.

Over the next few weeks, there was a noticeable improvement in the atmosphere.

Team members started to re-engage, collaborate more effectively, and the overall quality of work improved.

They felt valued, which in turn, made them more invested in their work.

Here's how you can make it real over the next 4 days:

Day 1: Reflection and Acknowledgment

  • Choose 1 of the 9 “Everyone Will Remember” qualities you want to work on most.

  • Take 10 minutes to reflect on your chosen quality.

  • Write down why it matters to you and how it has positively impacted others when you've seen it in action.

  • Then, acknowledge someone else's strength in this area with a message or a compliment.

    • ChatGPT Prompt to Help: "Help me craft a reflection on the importance of [insert chosen quality here], and how I might have seen its positive impact in my life or in others.”

Day 2: Observation and Learning

  • Observe a colleague, friend, or leader who excels in the quality you want to improve.

  • Take notes on how they demonstrate this quality in their actions and communication.

  • What can you learn from them that can be incorporated into your own behavior?

    • ChatGPT Prompt to Help: "I observed someone who embodies [insert chosen quality here] very well. Based on these observations [provide brief observations], suggest ways or practices that I could adopt to develop this quality in myself."

Day 3: Active Practice

  • Implement what you've learned by actively practicing your chosen quality in a real-life scenario.

  • This could be during a meeting, in a one-on-one conversation, or in how you approach your work.

  • Focus on this one thing and execute it to the best of your ability.

    • ChatGPT Prompt to Help: "Today, I need to practice [insert chosen quality here] actively. Propose a scenario or role-play exercise where I can apply this quality. Also, propose how I should approach the situation to ensure I am embodying this quality effectively."

Day 4: Reflection and Planning

  • Reflect on the past three days.

  • How did actively focusing on your chosen quality make you feel?

  • How did others react?

  • Plan how you can incorporate this into your daily routine going forward.

  • Set a small, achievable goal to continue practicing this quality each day.

    • ChatGPT Prompt to Help: "Reflecting on my past three days of focusing on [insert chosen quality here], here's what I experienced [provide brief experiences]. Help me analyze this and suggest a small, practical goal that I can work on daily to continue to develop this quality."

Remember that the warmth we share in our interactions has the power to turn a day around, perhaps more than we ever realize.

Our interactions may be brief, but their impact can last a lifetime.

The most valuable gift we can offer to others is our attention and care.

It costs nothing but can mean everything.

Let's make an effort to give this gift generously.

Until next week and with lots of love,


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